Make Money Online 2021

In today’s world, many ways to make money online have been introduced; the difficult part is to find the best which suits you. The best ways have been listed to make money online in 2021 either full time or earn extra income.

Huge amounts of money are made online today and the amount is constantly growing. In these particular ways, countless people have become enriched through the internet.


1. Set up your own online store

Make money online by setting up your own online store. To set up your own online store, you need a website, which in the WordPress world is usually made with the help of a Woocommerce add-on and or, for example, Shopify , where you pay a monthly fee for using the software.

It is essential to find products in the online store that go well with the store and the other is to get enough traffic to the store, i.e. users.

2. Sell on Amazon

Make money online by selling at the world’s largest online store Amazon. A large proportion of all products sold on Amazon are so-called products from third-party vendors.

In principle, anyone can start selling their own or purchased products from some Amazon marketplaces, most of the people start selling from the US Amazon, i.e., because it is the largest and most advanced Amazon marketplace.

Amazon is one of the best online business opportunities because it doesn’t require very large start-up capital like even setting up your own foot shop. Amazon sales reward can be really big.

3. Do affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a good business model because you don’t have to make the product you sell yourself, but the idea is to market a product made by someone else. For each sale one gets commission as already agreed upon. Sales commission varies by product but is usually quite high for more expensive products (40-50%).

Many products have their own affiliate program and can be searched for themselves by Google product name + affliate program .

There are many sites and networks which offer affiliate products for the sale of which you get an affiliate commission. You can join and find suitable products and services that you can recommend to your own followers.

Most popular affiliate networks include Clickbank ,  Commission Junction ,  Digistore24, and JVZoo .

Amazon, the world’s largest online store, also has its own Amazon Associates affiliate program.

4. Set up a blog

Make money online by writing your own blog. The business model of a blog is on the basis of your writing about the topic people like getting traffic to your blog. You can then recommend products or services on your blog through affiliate marketing tools that are related to the topic of your blog.

There are a lot of popular blogs which make quite good money. For example, those related to travel as well as health and beauty are very popular. When setting up a blog, you need to choose a topic that interests a large enough number of people so that you can get enough visitors to your blog.

If you are writing a blog in English, then you can and should choose a more limited niche that you will cover in your blog. This is due to the fact that although the readership is much larger, the competition in the world is also much fiercer than when writing in any other language, and it is easier to gain visibility in Google search results.

In a blog, you can advertise in a variety of ways: such as products from Google Adsense , Media, or the aforementioned affiliate networks, or by recommending affiliate products directly related to the topic. Mediavine pays much better for display ads than Adsense, but it requires quite a lot of monthly traffic (50k sessions).

5. Make Youtube videos

Video is a very popular media and its importance is growing day by day. Youtube videos make huge amounts of money. In order to make money with Youtube, the most important thing is to get a lot of viewers for your videos. The more viewers, the more videos it is possible to make money with.

So how do you make money with Youtube videos? As with the blog, the Youtube video funding model is based on advertising. You can promote affiliate products in your YouTube videos and get commission. Another way to generate advertising revenue is through promotional videos displayed on Youtube videos, the revenue from which Google pays a portion to content producers.


6. Consulting

If you have something special that can help you help others then you can make it your own consulting business. So in this model, you sell your own time and work for others. However, as an entrepreneur, selling consulting services is more flexible than working in an office for 9 to 5. You can better define your own working hours yourself and you don’t always have to drive to work in the morning and evening rush hours.

Starting your own consulting business is possible quite easily and cost-effectively through your own website. In addition to websites, you need visitors to your site who might be interested in your services, i.e. you also need advertising, and often advertising is the implementation of Google and Facebook advertising.

7. Write an e-book

An e-book, or digital book, is a computer-generated document saved in PDF format that can be sold to a target audience. The prerequisite, of course, is in any business that it must provide its customer, in this case its reader, with value for which the customer is willing to pay.

You need an online sales page for the e-book, through which customers can get it, as well as traffic to the sales page. You can get traffic by advertising, in which case part of the e-book’s cover goes to advertising, or you can offer your e-book to someone who already has a ready audience, such as a blogger, who get their share of sales because they use their own channel to promote the e-book.

However, making an e-book is attractive because of its ease and low start-up threshold and affordability. Making an e-book is one of the easiest ways you can make money online. Did you know that you can also sell your e-book at the Amazon Kindle Store.

8. Take an online course

Taking your own digital online course on a topic is also a good online business opportunity. This is basically a similar model to the e-book, with the difference that the product is more extensive and usually in video format, which may contain additional material in PDF format.

E-learning has been on the rise for a bit longer and the trend will continue to strengthen in the future. If you have information that you can use to make an attractive online course for others then this model is worth considering because the product only needs to be built once and can then be sold basically indefinitely and the margin thus becomes very high.

An online course should solve a problem that many people have, for example, related to health or diet. The main topics, or niches, where money moves the most are:

a. Health and well-being

b. Relationships

c. Money

d. Hobbies

9. Build a software product

The software business is moving huge amounts of money and the market is really big. However, getting involved is not as easy as many of the other business opportunities, but not impossible. It requires more resources, such as start-up capital and possibly people.

However, it is possible to implement a software product such as a smartphone button using online services such as Fiverr and Upwork . From there, you can cheaply hire a coder who can do the implementation based on your idea.

10. Set up a dropshipping online store

Make money online by starting your own dropshipping business. That’s one way to do ecommerce. However,dropshipping is a good model in the sense that getting started with it is very quick and inexpensive because the initial investment in dropshipping is minimal.

In the dropshipping model, you need your own online store, which can be set up with Shopify or WordPress, for example, and connected to Aliexpress, in which case the products sold from your own store are handled by Aliexpress and your margin is the difference between Aliexpress’s purchase price and your own sales price.

You can start selling with a dropshipping model even without your own online store by joining a ready-made service that sells products. One such is Teespring , for example , where you can sell tea shirts using your own design.

11. Sell photos online

A bonus tip on how to make money with which almost anyone can earn extra money is to sell their own photos to various online image banks that pay a commission for the photos sold. Almost everyone certainly has a lot of images in various digital archives that can be monetized in the way mentioned above.

Here are a few services that pay a premium for photos sold. The amount of fees varies by service. If you have a lot of good quality images that people might be willing to pay for, then you can always build your own website around the images, leaving all sales revenue to yourself.

Services that pay a commission for the sale of photographs include Shutterstock ,  Adobe Stock ,  Alamy  and  Etsy .

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